Dimpled Balls - Guidelines

Season 3 – Summer / Fall: AQI Guideline

The health and safety of our golfers is our highest priority, and as such, Dimpled Balls League will accommodate any golfer who is unable to play due to air quality concerns.

If, by 12:00 PM on a League day, the Air Quality Index (AQI) reaches a level of 101 (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) all golfers will have the option to opt out of that day’s round. They will have 13 days to make up that round. (additional time will be granted should AQI remain above 101 during the 13 day makeup window)

Between 101 and 200 all golfers have the option to either play or notify the league administrator that they will makeup the round in the next 13 days. If the golfer does not notify the admin, they will have the normal time (Thursday of that week) to makeup the round.

If, by 12:00 PM (or at any point) on a League day, the AQI reaches a level of 201 (Very Unhealthy) the golf club may close for operation and as such, the week will be rescheduled. (Pushed out to the following week)

**Notes – 

Players need to ‘opt out’ before the first scheduled tee time for that day.  

To qualify for Weekly Prizes, the make-up will need to be completed by Thursday of the week missed.  Makeup’s after that Thursday will apply to DefEx points only.


Season 3 – Summer / Fall: Course Conditions  
In consideration for course conditions at Woodcreek Golf Club, we will use the Ground Under Repair rule for any portion of the course ‘marked or not’ that should be considered ‘under repair’.  When in doubt, ask your group.

Rule 14 – Procedures for Ball: Marking, Lifting and Cleaning; Replacing on Spot; Dropping in Relief Area; Playing from Wrong Place

Purpose of Rule: Rule 14 covers when and how you may mark the spot of your ball at rest and lift and clean your ball and how to put it back into play so that your ball is played from the right place.

  • When your ball has been lifted or moved and is to be replaced, the same ball must be set down on its original spot.
  • When taking free relief or penalty relief, you must drop a substituted ball or the original ball in a particular relief area.

You may correct a mistake in using these procedures without penalty before your ball is played, but you get a penalty if you play the ball from the wrong place.

Click the following link to see details for Rule 14

COVID-19 Special Rules of Play

Dimpled Rules for Covid-19
Bunker Play Options
  • Play it as it lies.
  • Improve your lie within the bunker. 
  • Take a free drop outside of the bunker within one (1) club length, no closer to the hole.
Scorecards and Scoring
  • Individual Scorecards accepted if attested by at least one other player in a group text (i.e. PlayerA txts a picture of his scorecard to the League Admin and PlayerB from the foursome.  PlayerB confirms PlayerA’s score in the group text) 
  • Scoring – Record and report actual strokes per hole on scorecard 
USGA Guidance
COVID-19 Rules and Handicapping FAQs This Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicapping information provides guidance related to four main topics:

For the full USGA Rules of golf click the following link

Dimpled Balls – Golf League

Season 3 – 2020 – Summer/Fall League

General Information
First WeekTuesday, August 11, 2020
Check InCheck in 15-45 min before your scheduled tee time
Range TimeSmall bucket provided for practice
1st Tee Time3:00 PM
Season Length10 total weeks (Holiday weeks may be rescheduled)
Season Entry Fee$50.00 (prize pool/admin) payable by Venmo / Cash
Wkly Green’s Fees$17 Walking / $25 Riding (Play all 18)
FormatIndividual Stroke Play According to USGA Rules of Golf
FoursomesLineups will be sent out with enough time to make adjustments if needed
Reporting ScoresText a picture of scorecard to league admin at end of each round (or email to
Weekly ResultsEmailed before the following week of play
Make-up/ PreplaySee Below
SCORINGRecord your ACTUAL score for League scoring — You can post net double-bogey scoring to USGA/GHIN/TheGrint/ETC
Keeping it interestingIf we can arrange it:
Closest to the pin
Skins Games
*Note – Must play on Tuesday
Make Up Play

Week 2 Specific Makeups – Makeups for Week 2 can be submitted up to the Monday before Week 5 or September 15.  Any scores received after Thursday August 27, will only qualify for DefEx points.  


Woodcreek won’t be able honor league rate for makeup rounds so you will have to pay prevailing rates
Make up days – Wednesday or Thursday of current week
You MUST play with someone else from the league
The other golfers can either make up the round with you or use it as a practice round
You are responsible for arranging your tee time with Woodcreek
NOTE: notify the league admin as soon as you know you will need to make up a week
Scorecards turned in after Thursday of any given week will not be accepted

Pre-PlayThere are no accommodations for Pre-Play
HandicapWorld Handicap System (WHS) handicaps will be used for all golfers
If you don’t have an established handicap, you can still play with us, but you won’t qualify for prizes or points.
Monday night handicaps will be used for each golfer’s Tuesday score (no matter if they play on Tuesday, or later with a make-up round)
Golfers who do not have a WHS handicap will need to establish one before being able to compete for prizes in league (they can still play, just not for prizes or for DefEx Points)
Establishing handicaps is now much easier than before with only 54 holes (three rounds) required to establish. Please check out any of the options below or a local golf course as they usually offer some incentive to join their ‘club’ that includes a handicap with WHS.
You can establish a handicap with any of the following organizations:
TheGrint –